About me

Hello Guys,

To the ones who do not know me, I am Vanessa. I am 19 and I recently graduated from high school. Now I am starting my next big chapter which takes place in Thailand. As a  volunteer I am going to Thailand to teach English to elementary school students. I am pretty excited about everything I will experience in such a beautiful and interesting culture and country.
I will stay with a group of other volunteers who will teach at other schools which are spread over the city. Together we will live at an apartment in Chiang Rai.
I decided to be a part of this program because I already went abroad to Canada in high school and I cherish every single one of my experiences I made back then. But right now I did not just only wanted to get to know a culture and a country which is completely different from the ones I already know, I also wanted to be a part of something that helps and supports others.

You receive what you give.

This is not only a saying in Thailand, it also describes the thoughts I had when I was thinking about where I want to go and why.

And then I found this amazing program to be an English teacher in Thailand. It was offered by an organization called “Hope for Life” and I decided to apply.

So here I am.

Live life THAI ❤️

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