Koh Chang – Elephant Island

As usual, I need to apologize about how far  I am behind with telling you guys more about my vacation. Last week we had our mid-term seminar so after this post there’s soon one coming right after it!
But now it’s overdue to tell you about Koh Chang.
We got up at around 4:30 to catch our bus at the Mochit Terminal in Bangkok. The bus wasn’t supposed to leave until 7:30 but we had no idea how big the terminal is and how long we would take to find the booth we had to go to. Added to that we had no idea how long it would take us to get to the terminal in the first place.

After finally finding the booth,  we thought we would already check in even though it was still way to early. The woman in the booth told us to wait. She did not speak English very well and couldn’t explain us why. When we found someone who could tell us why we should wait at the booth they told us that we are leaving early. With early they meant about 1,5 hours before the scheduled departure time. We were happy because that way we would arrive earlier but we kept wondering what they would’ve done if we wouldn’t have been so early for once.
The drive was a whole new adventure itself. Just about 10 minutes after getting on the bus we stopped at the side of the road and the driver go of the minivan. After a few minutes he came back with 2 boxes. He opened the trunk and we clearly heard a chicken cackle.
That wasn’t the last time we heard the chicken on the 7,5 hour drive… 😀
At the gas station the minivan nearly left without us and at one point they just kicked us out and told us to take a cab – which was the way the transfer worked and also included in the price of the tickets – but nobody told us because nobody was able to. This way we were a tiny bit confused.
No matter what, we arrived safe and sound on the island and shared a red car with some other tourists from the pier to the hotel.

When we arrived the receptionist was very friendly and took us and all the luggage right up to the room. The room was beautiful. Big, clean, bright and the best of all – we didn’t get a room with a mountain view (as we booked) we got the ocean view! For free!! (The ocean view was about 130 Euros more than the mountain view.
After our bad experience with the hostel in Bangkok this was simply amazing!

Our Hotel was near the White Sand Beach and even though the weather wasn’t amazing on our first day we walked down to the beach. The ocean was really “stirred up” but still beautiful.

On the second day we rented a motorcy and went to the lonely beach.
After tanning and swimming for a bit we decided to keep driving and just explore the island a little. The island consisted of many many steep and curvy mountains and I was very impressed of how Julien handled it. It was fun but I definitely a higher adrenalin level while we were driving. The view while driving up and down the mountains was incredible.

We kept driving and eventually found a little restaurant/bar which seemed to like a secret place. It was so relaxing, had great food and drinks and an amazing view.

While eating, we took a look at the map and saw that there was a pier with a market not far from us so we decided to go there afterwards.


A few days were a little rainy but it was IMG_5076.JPGalright. It was never raining longer than a few hours in the morning  or in the night. The days the weather was great we went to the beach. The White Sand beach or the Lonely Beach. One day we went to the Klong Son Beach. A beach we found on a map but once we tried looking for it we realized that it was a private beach.
The guard however let us get inside the Hotel area and we had the chance to use the beach. Since it was a private be
ach there was no one except of us.
The water was calm and
blue-turquoise – simply amazing.


Since four of my friends who are also volunteers and were also on Koh Chang we also met up with them on several days and occasions. 🙂

IMG_5201.JPGThe best of Koh Chang – despite the hotel – was our snorkeling trip.
For a good price we went on a snorkeling tour which included 3 islands. All the islands weren’t touristic and usually there was only one boat with us there. That way the reefs weren’t so crowded.

On the snorkeling trip I saw the most amazing water in my life so far. After having lunch the boat stopped at a little beach and this is what it looked like:

I was impressed and fell in love on first sight.


White elephant:
A lot of western food – including German food.
Good prices and great food. They also show Bundesliga, DFB Pokal and many other sport events which is amazing for those who are interested. :)

Sabay bar:
Great location at the beach and cosy atmosphere. :)

I actually forgot many names of the restaurants we’ve been to but at the White Sand Beach are tons of good restaurants with great food – amazing fish – and good prices.

Besides relaxing, eating and exploring (which means us driving around on a motorcy) there’s not a lot left to tell you guys about :)

Just enjoy the pictures and believe me if I tell you that Koh Chang is an amazing island and definitely a great destination for everyone.


White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach




Monkeys on the side of the road

PS. Koh Chang is called the elphant island because its profile looks like the silhouette of an elephant family.

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