Long time no talk – or in this case: Long time no post

Hello everyone 🙂
I know I have been off the radar for a bit.
That was mainly due vacations but also caused by my sickness and some personal difficulties I am facing during the last few weeks.
Now I finally found the motivation and the time to tell you all about the last two months 🙂
Bit by bit I will tell you about my 4 week vacations, the travels with my boyfriend and all the things that were going on the past 3 weeks.


During the first week of our vacations some of my housemates already left for destinations like Vietnam, Chiang Mai or Laos. I on the other hand stayed at home because I had just one week to go until my boyfriend finally arrived!!
Linda, my roommate and dear friend, also stayed at home a few days longer until she left for Bangkok.
Since we weren’t many people left we decided to go on a little adventure together. So Andres, Lara, Linda and I went to explore more of our region.
Our first stop was the Singha Park. A park, firstly build for the workers of the Singha Company but then extended and opened for the public. The park was beautiful but nothing you would expect to see in Thailand. It all seemed very western and not as tropical as everything else back here.
The park had a little observation tower from where you had the chance to overlook the park and get a better view of the mountains behind it.



We went for a coffee and just walked around for a bit.
Then we went to the temple of the park, which was neat because it wasn’t as big as the temples in Thailand usually are.

After the park Andres suggested showing us his school and to go on a little hike to a great waterfall close by.

Already the drive to the start of the hike route was incredible. When we arrived we started talking to a Hungarian man who was also about to hike to the waterfall so we went together. He was a teacher in Bangkok and we all had a lot to talk about.
While hiking I was simply amazed by the beauty of nature. It was a 1,4 kilometer hike to the waterfall. A hike only through the jungle. Something I have never experienced before.





After this long and exciting day we went for a pizza. 🙂  You guys have to know that pizza is very expensive in comparison to other food or even clothes and therefore definitely a highlight for us 😀

The next day Linda and I went to the Buddha images cave together. The cave itself was a disappointment if I am honest. It was dirty and filled with garbage which ruined the whole atmosphere of a place with Buddha stature’s and holy monuments. Close to the cave was a little observation platform located over the river which was really beautiful.

After the cave we went to the Cat’n’ A Cup. That is a coffee store filled with beautiful cats – if you love cats : it’s heaven!

All my follow volunteers who were at home with me these days left on Saturday for Bangkok or some other amazing destinations so I was alone at home until my boyfriend arrived. Since we are living a little outside of the city I decided not to stay at home all alone during the night. I booked the Norn Nung Len Hostel for two nights. My stay there was, as expected, really comfortable and nice.

Norn Nung Len Cafe & Hostel – great place to stay

These two days I spend my time cleaning and preparing the arrival of my boyfriend.  🙂

Soon I will tell you about introducing my boyfriend to Chiang Rai or the other way around, about Bangkok and the beautiful island Koh Chang! 🙂

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