Science Day and a little motorcy trip with my principal! :)

Hello Guysss

Last week on Wednesday I got picked up by my PE teacher with a truck filled with little boys. When I saw the truck I already wondered why he would take all of these boys to pick me up. When I got in the car he told me that we are going to go to the university in Chiang Rai because it’s Science Day and on science day the university always arranges different activities for the schools. I was excited but a little mad because nobody told me before and I not just only prepared my lessons for the day I also took all my books and my computer with me. However, I couldn’t change the situation so I just enjoyed the drive to the university. Before that day I never went further than Chiang Rai city center and it was really nice to leave the city and see something else.

Mae Fah Luang University Chiang Rai

The university was pretty big and supposed to be the most beautiful university in Thailand. At least that’s what my teachers said.
It was a beautiful campus and the students of the university were all dressed in a uniform. All the kids from my school and the other schools where also dressed in a uniform just different ones.

The girls wearing their uniform

The moment we arrived I started to get a feeling of how big science day is in Thailand. It felt like thousands of students got of the buses all dressed in the school uniform.
My school did not take all the kids to the university. Just abut 30 or maybe 40.
The university arranged different activities for the children. From physics, chemistry, astrology, agriculture and renewable energery up to first aid you could do everything. We (the teachers) just walked around with the students and watched them doing the activities. I also got many presents, mostly food, at many stops since I was something special there just because of my skin color and my look. I really felt like everyone was staring at me. Some people even smiled at me or even touched me. But thankfully not in a disgusting pushy and exaggerated way.

I was lucky that many schools went to the university that day because the school of Christelle and Sophia, who are also volunteers but living in Mae Sai, also decided to go and we actually found each other. It was amazing to see them since the last time I saw them was at our seminar in Germany.

It was fun to watch the kids having a good time and it was fun to walk around the university and just enjoy the weather and an easy going day like this.





IMG_3226The next day was also still science day but we didn’t go to the university again. We stayed in school and this time we were the ones to arrange different activities for the students. But once I started to start a draft table with one of the other teachers my principle took me for a little trip to show me some houses for rent and to see how my motorcy skills are. He wanted to show me the houses because I mentioned my boyfriend looking for something to stay when he comes to visit me. And that he wanted to see how good I could drive the motorcy was because I was supposed to go to school by the motorcy the whole year.




We drove about 20 minutes when we arrived in a beautiful but really tiny village with little ponds, palm trees and an amazing view of the mountains. It was beautiful.

IMG_3261 IMG_3267

At one house my principal seemed to know the owner. We went on his patio which was just above a beautiful pond with huge lotus leaves. We had a glass of water and then we took a look at the vocation houses he wanted to show me.

Enjoy the pictures 🙂

IMG_3231 IMG_3258 IMG_3259 IMG_3239






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